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POSH Training & Sensitization

Enhance workplace safety.
A complete solution to assist compliance under the Sexual Harassment of Women at the Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 and related procedures and guidelines. Foster a gender sensitive work culture by addressing unconscious prejudices through awareness and education.
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Surveys & Focus Group Discussions

Let employees know they make a difference.
Elicit useful information and employee feedback facilitated by simplified surveys and objective focus group discussions. Assist in smooth transitions and let the employees know their feedback is valuable.
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Employee Events

A motivated and engaged employee can be your competitive differentiator.
Inspire your employees to become emotionally connected brand advocates through innovative theme based engagement programs designed and delivered passionately.
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CSR Events

Change the world together.
Build employee morale and inculcate social responsibility through valuable CSR programs, customized to suit your needs and employee interests.
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Manage Absenteeism

Manage absenteeism before it disrupts performance.
Analyze absenteeism drivers and develop targeted improvements through practical solutions.
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Team Building Programs

Coming together is a beginning.
Develop cohesion and collaboration to create winning teams with MBTI based workshops.
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Soft Skills Training

Refine your workforce.
Build professionalism and operational excellence through soft skills training. Instill confidence and develop the emotional quotient.
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