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Custom Designed Wellbeing Programs

Drive positive behavior change.
Flexible theme based programs with advice, resources and end to end support. Simple and manageable, they enhance quality of life and help make your organization a healthier place.
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Managing Workplace Fatigue

Empower by energizing.
Improve attentiveness and minimize harmful impacts on physical and mental health through extensive guidance, which includes includes healthy lifestyle coaching and educational campaigns on proper sleep hygiene, for managing workplace fatigue.
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Reduce stress while increasing self-awareness.
Provide a fresh perspective on stressful situations through Guided Imagery & Meditation workshops that balance the mind, quieten the nerves and enhance overall health. Come away with tools to clear information overload and boost focus in life and at work.
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Health Risk Assessment

Take proactive steps to promote a healthy culture.
Health risk assessment that focuses on key contributors to overall health such as personal/family history, health vitals, lifestyle and diet, associated risk factors, perception towards wellbeing and recommended action for improvement. Reports are personalized and confidential for employees and act as an aggregate health status for the organization.
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